Data Use Agreement Clinical Research

The data use agreements are not signed by the investigators, but by a UNC official with appropriate signing authority. For applications from Carolina Data Warehouse for Health, a member of the CDW team receives a signature from a representative of UnC Health Care. For most other agreements, send a request via ALICE ( for a signature. No, information about “limited data sets” is not covered by THE HIPAA accounting of advertising obligations. DHHS considered that the privacy protection of individuals with respect to PHIs, which are disclosed in a “limited data set,” can be properly protected by a single AAU. Our university is a public institution that receives a large portion of its research funds from the U.S. federal government. To ensure that AADs comply with higher education guidelines and promotional agency requirements, the University`s Office of Sponsored Programs will review and support AAUs institutionally to ensure compliance with related policies and regulations. No no. Nc Tracs has data use agreement models for CDWH data requirements. If you create a project that requires data sharing, we will send you our model and share it with the cooperating institutions.

This means that all of the following direct identifiers, which involve the person or their loved ones, employers or household members, must be deleted so that a data set can be considered a limited data set: If Stanford is the provider of a limited data set, Stanford requires that an AEA be signed to ensure that the appropriate provisions to protect the limited data set are in place. Here are the points of contact for different types of research: The Office of Corporate Contracts also recommends an AEA for studies with unidentified data, as there are still risks that we should face as far as possible. 1. determine whether a limited set of data is involved for specific purposes (research, public health activities, health measures) and, if so, the use of patient data for research purposes requires that the work be carried out as part of an IRB. In many cases, UNC requires an agreement covering the exchange of data, even if it is not identified. Yes, you need both a DATA Use Agreement (DUA) and a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) because the covered entity (Stanford University Affiliated Covered Entity) provides the PHI recipient, which may contain direct or indirect identifiers. For this reason, a BAA may be required before disclosing direct identifiers to the recipient outside of Stanford. The following page contains useful information about people who deal with different types of DUAs and other agreements at Stanford: 1. If UA transmits or transmits a limited data set to another institution, organization or entity, the AU requires that a DUA be signed to ensure that the appropriate provisions are in place to protect the restricted data set in accordance with the HIPAA privacy rule.